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HackINI is back for another edition and this year, a lot of surprises and new content are awaiting you! Workshops, Conferences and a CTF competition will open the gates of the large and fascinating world of cybersecurity for everyone; beginners, advanced or simply curious!
This eighth edition is the product of our partnership with one of the Big Four companies in accounting and the largest professional services network in the world, Deloitte. It will take place on Saturday, January, 25th, 2020 at Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique – ESI.
As mentioned above, HackINI will provide you with workshops of quality to lead you on this journey. This year’s workshop topics are:

- LINUX File permission & SELinux
- Buffer Overflows
- Penetration Testing
- Web Exploitation (Sever Side)
- Introduction to Docker
- Elastic Stack

Moreover, competitive atmosphere shall also reign on the day of the event through the CTF! You can either register with your team or alone and join a group on the day of the event.
All you have to do now is get to your keyboard and fill the following forms CTF / Workshops  to start the great HackINI adventure!

You can learn more about the event on our social media accounts and follow us to stay updated! 

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